Sunday, December 17, 2006

Restoran Coconut Flower @ Teluk Gong

The birthday boy Victor and Hup Lim get us a treat at Restoran Coconut Flower, Teluk Gong. It needs no furthur introduction as most KL people has been to here before. There are rows of seafood restaurant along Teluk Gong, but most locals swear by Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant is one of the most original seafood restorant. Let's drool over the pictures here!

Wantan Chicken - The chicken stewed in some mushroom gravy comes along with some deep fried wantans and small lil tong yuen. It's everyone favourite I suppose.

Teochew steamed fish - The fish is fresh but the minus point is the teochew style is a bit bland, lacking of the sour taste.

Deep fried baby octopus - Nice to be popped into the mouth and its so crunchy!

One of their signature dish - oysters fried mee

Coconut Prawns - The assam sauce is very appetizing and great to be eaten with rice!

Deep fried tofu - Nothing fantastic about this.

Marmite crabs
Kam Heong Crabs

Their portions shrunk compared to the last time I came. The price is still reasonable but it's not as cheap as how everyone is raving about it. Try to come here on weekdays, preferably lunch hours because it is always hard to be seated during weekends.

Overall, the food is quite good and service is prompt. I forgot to take pictures of the must try toddy, or fermented coconut flower juice. It is an alcholic drink so do not feed your kids with it. However it is an acquired taste because some of us love it and some hates it.

Happy 21st Birthday to Pussy Slut, my best wishes to you in the success of your 'extreme makeover', getting the girl of your dreams and live happily ever after!

Thanks for all your 'technical' (gadgets and IT stuff) and 'non technical' (cards making, drive us around, run the errands..) helps to the A3 girls too! Hugs **

Happy 21st Birthday to Vanila, may your year be filled with laughter and fun, appearing in the cover of MYC, winning the first title in Dota championship and landing a prospective job after your graduation.

It's great to know you for like 4 years! Your kindness, sense of humours and buat bodoh pose bring happiness to people around you! Hugs **

The Pussy Slut Hup Lim, The Sheepish Korean Guy Rome, The Adorable Valina Victor

702, Jalan Udang Galah, Kampong Teluk Gong , 42000 Port Klang, Selangor.
11am to 10.30pm daily
Map from The Sun


Dragon City said...

hmm...this place food quality not stable one...sometime nice..sometime so-so, sometime not nice at all.. = )

Honey Star said...

deep fried baby octopus and tong yuen in wantan chicken? Thats something new! :))

KampungboyCitygal said...

dragon city: yeah lor..the food sucks during busy hours

honey star: yeah its good :)

Anonymous said...

Wowowo...the food that u ordereed totally different from mine. The wantan chicken look so good! And the baby octopus! Must try it out next time!

KampungboyCitygal said...

jackson: actually we duno how to order..duno what is famous there..hahahah

Anonymous said...

OMG the grey cake is so rude!! I think you would give the cake decorator a total shock if you order that in the US.

Anonymous said...

Those days they were famous for toddy(plus stout), lala beehun and salted chickens....and the crowd ...

Looks like they have upraded to many new items which I m seeing 4 the first time, like coconut prawns, fried baby octopus etc !

wei said...

i think since they become famous, the food not so nice and the price going up and up.... so unfortunate... :o(