Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Malacca Day Trip

Kampungboy and his coursemates were taking part in some inter varsity accounting quiz last weekend in Malacca International Trade Centre, so I just tagged along and hunt for food while they were scratching their brains doing quiz.

Breakfast was Lao Di Fang Dim Sum Bukit Beruang with Suat Ling and her friends. I used to go there during my foundation year in Malacca. Everything goes at RM 1.30 per plate! Can you imagine that? I would feel sorry if I didn't try my best to gooble down everything! Lunch were at Rachelle's place where we cooked up some pasta and mashed potatoes, we laughed away the hours and think of the great things we had done. Those were the days :)

We rushed here right away for dinner because Kampungboy and his coursemates are starving! Capitol originates Satay Celup in Malacca but most people would prefer Ban Lee Siang at Jalan Ong Kim Wee. Satay celup or satay steamboat only found in Malacca are assortment of raw and semi-cookedseafood, meat and vegetables on skewers that are dunked into a boiling pot satay sauce.
They were in the business since 1950s and has gained their name since then. Just take a look at the hall of fame!
The fresh food are displayed at open fridges with shelves at the dining hall. Self-service is the mode of service here. Once you get a table (which requires patience), you go get a tray and collect your food, all of which are skewered using bamboo sticks.

Deep Fried Items are kept seperately from the fresh food for hygenic purposes. Everything goes at RM 0.50 whether it is fresh prawns or cockles or fishballs, while the prices for food items on plate varies.

The sauce is constantly on the boil and replaced for each new customer. The thick and aromatic sauce are made from curry paste, ground peanuts, sugar and various herbs and spices.

Century Eggs
Taiwanase Sausages
Bread and Cucumber

I just think that the sauce is not as nice as I tried last time. It used to be so aromatic and now it is just plainly sweet. The skewered items are fresh though, no tummy upset for everyone. Any recommendation for the best satay celup in Malacca?

We carry with us a bloated tummy to wander around Jonker Street after the feast on satay celup.
So, is there any rooms for desserts? We have to digest the satay celup real fast because the ice kacang (shaven ice) with gula malacca at stall number 88 is simply irresistable! The long queue infront of the nyonya laksa stall is horrible! Nyonya laksa is actually a type of laksa with rich coconut gravy, come here during lunch time or weekdays and you can avoid the crowd.

The place also has a small Maritime museum with many treasures salvaged from the sea.

We ordered ice kacang with cendol, durian and mango. The ice kacang with durian is highly recommended! Even durian haters like KampungBoy couldn't resist it. The gluey gula melaka was smooth and wonderfully aromatic.
Capitol Satay Celup, 41, Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100 Malacca

Tel: 06-283 5508

Mobile: 012-205 8877

Opens : 5.30pm 1.00am. Closes on Mondays.


Tummythoz said...

RM1.30 for any dimsum dish is unbelievable. How was the taste? Were the stuffings mostly minced pork?

jason said...

There's a small satay celup restaurant at Jalan Kampar Ipoh, next to Honda showroom. But the choice of food there are not as much than your photos. And you say they used boiling water to cook the food? The shop in Ipoh uses satay sauce.

kuang said...

whoa!!!satay celup really long time din eat dy ......drooling... yaya i also think the ban lee hiang one nicer,i also dunno why capitol so famous :P miss melaka food :(

boo_licious said...

Awww, I feel like going Melaka now for some slurpy food.

KampungboyCitygal said...

yeah it's near to my secondary sko..went there once and theres not much choice..boiling water? no, we dip the food into the boiling satay sauce

kuang: hahaha go back lar :p

boolicious: can i tag along? hehehe

Precious Pea said...

I like dipping the char kuey into the satay sauce...very yummy once it absorbed all the gravy. Last trip to Jonker walk lasted 10 mins cos it was raining heavily after that. Must get hubby to bring me there again soon. Durian cendol..wahhh....I will sure try!

MeiyeN said...

i've always like malacca food... cheap and yummy!!!!!

Xiu Long Bao said...

i hav always wanted to try the famous satay celup. Thanks for the map! ^_^

KampungboyCitygal said...

tummy:taste normal..yeah..pork based

precious pea:jonker walk is quite happening at night..other than durian cendol theres a lot of snacks around

xiu long bao: ur welcome ..hehe

meiyen: yeah lor..rm 2 wantan mee u tried b4 anot